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When she’s not producing festival or multi-faceted events, Fawnda Mithrush moonlights as a pen-for-hire, nonprofit consultant and all-around booster for Edmonton’s arts scene. Currently she is Executive Director at LitFest: Canada’s only nonfiction-focused literary festival. She has contributed to the likes of Avenue Magazine, Vue Weekly, Edmonton Journal and ACUA Vitae, among others, and acts as co-producer and host of I Don’t Get It, an award-winning podcast about contemporary dance. She resides in a tall skinny house on Alberta Avenue, and enjoys cheese, travel and the BBC.

Fawnda Mithrush's Work

In Review

By Valeria Nunziato, James Oscar, Rachel Silver Maddock, Aparita Bhandari, Philip Szporer, Fawnda Mithrush, Molly Johnson, Mark Mann, Grace Wells-Smith

The Dance Current reflects on a year of dance criticism, by placing image and text together


Risqué Ballet, Risking Clarity

Alberta Ballet’s Dangerous Liaisons By Fawnda Mithrush

Mounted by Alberta Ballet in 2008, Dangerous Liaisons is an epistolary exchange of manipulation, betrayal, greed and threats of public shaming: the story is fraught with ugly intentions and lurid schemes, told mostly in letters between two ex-lovers attempting to humiliate each other.


Dancers in Denim

Mile Zero Dance explores Edmonton’s historic Great Western Garment Company By Fawnda Mithrush Anything Goes: GWG Dance in 17 Parts

Part sound installation, part multidisciplinary performance, part massive pile of denim, Edmonton’s Mile Zero Dance presents a work inspired by the Great Western Garment Company, which, after many decades of storied success, finally shut its doors in 2004.