Emma Kerson

Staff Writer

Emma Kerson is a graduate of Dalhousie University (BA Honours English) and The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. She is now a Toronto-based dance artist. Emma was an editorial intern from 2011-2012. 

Emma Kerson's Work

Dance Meets Pilates

Katie Ewald of Kinetic Pilates and Rehabilitation marries scientific knowledge with her dance background to work towards rehabilitation.

On the Ground

Jump-Start: Q & A with Shakeil Rollock

By Emma Kerson

Shakeil Rollock’s infectious energy has made him a sought-after emerging dance artist. What has he learned and discovered during his first year as a professional artist?


Know Your Worth

On Saturday, May 28, around 100 commercial and urban dancers flocked to The Underground Dance Centre in Toronto for Interpose: A Dancer’s Rights Seminar. In the field of commercial dance, art has a boss. In fact, the chain of command stems from the client, down through the production company, to the choreographer and then to the dancer, the bottom of a chain fuelled by commerce above all else.


Prescriptions is the latest art-meets-dance collaboration between ibiki.co founder Jonah Leslie and Compagnie Marie Chouinard dancer Paige Culley.

Basketball-ography, Anyone?

The Harlem Globetrotters recently made their way through six Canadian provinces on an eighteen-city tour, and here they take to an outdoor basketball court in Greenwich Village to mix cool tricks with bouncing beats.

Against Nature / À Rebours

James Kudelka’s newest work, Against Nature / À Rebours, is the second in a series of salon-style creations for Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie.


Dance in the Federal Budget

After the 2016 federal budget was announced March 22, headlines across major arts organizations glowed with an absolute rarity. What will the long-term effects look like?


Jump-Start: Shakeil Rollock By Emma Kerson


Chan Hon Goh on Change and Giving Back

The principal dancer turned teacher and her cross-Canada master class tour By Emma Kerson

Coaching the next generation of aspiring ballerinas as part of her role as director of the Goh Ballet Academy in Vancouver, Vancouver’s Chan Hon Goh shares her favourite ballets, what dance means to her and the her thoughts on the state of Canadian ballet.


Copyright in Class

Dance classes marketed with pop icons’ names have been skyrocketing in popularity around Toronto; however, this prompts conversation around intellectual property and copyright in dance.