Emma Doran

Executive Editor


Emma Doran (she/her) is a Toronto-based writer, editor and researcher who loves watching people move. She finished a postdoctoral fellowship at the Modern Literature and Culture Centre at Ryerson University in 2016, where she researched the origins of dance criticism in popular periodicals. Before embarking on this research, Doran studied at Winnipeg’s School of Contemporary Dancers, completed an MA in dance at York University and a PhD in communication and culture through Ryerson and York universities. 

Recently, Doran has been a guest speaker at ArtsLink New Brunswick’s Going Critical Forum. She is also a mentor with The National Ballet of Canada’s Emerging Arts Critics program and Generator’s Performance Criticism Training Program. She has recently been a jury member for Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario’s “The Gathering,” Musicworks magazine’s 2018 Sonic Geography writing contest and she currently sits on the steering committee for On the Move, a conference organized by the Dancer Transition Resource Centre. Doran has published articles in Early Popular Visual Culture, Media HistoryPerformance Matters, Canadian Art and The Globe and Mail. She also worked at Dance Collection Danse archives and has been a contributor to The Dance Current for over a decade. 


Photo by Yuli Scheidt



Emma Doran's Work


She's got the "Taksu" By Emma Doran

Firda Wijaya


By Emma Doran


Make It Rain

Eroca Nicols is the truthteller By Emma Doran

Truthteller is an interactive presentation engaging with performance economies, rituals and intimacies between bodies.


Yes Manifesto (2018)

Linnea Swan interprets modern dance history, makes us laugh, makes us cry and makes us laugh-cry By Emma Doran

With Swan’s impeccable comedic timing, we’re in good hands on a journey through modern dance moments. Each performance is enacted by Swan as she struggles with anxiety, and each is interrupted by one of Yvonne Rainer’s tenets. Nijinsky? Swan asks through her performance (“No to spectacle”). Duncan? (“No to transformations and magic”). Chouinard? (“No to trash imagery”). Ugh, fine, karaoke? (“No to camp”). And so on …


By Emma Doran


By Emma Doran


Musical Chairs By Emma Doran

Sitting in on a Wheel Dance class


By Emma Doran


By Emma Doran


Baryshnikov's Ties to Canada

Famed Soviet-American dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov will make a rare return to Toronto to perform in the Canadian premiere of BRODSKY / BARYSHNIKOV. The Dance Current asked Baryshnikov about his time in Canada and he responded by highlighting his relationships within the ballet community.