Elise Tigges

Elise Tigges


Elise is an emerging dance artist based in Toronto. Originally from Vancouver, she moved to Toronto to continue her training at George Brown College’s dance program. She has since completed summer programs with Canada’s Ballet Jörgen (Toronto), the Goh Ballet Academy (Vancouver), Colorado Ballet (Denver) and Alias Dance Project (Toronto). In 2015, she graduated from George Brown’s Dance Performance Preparation program, and is a 2017 graduate of the Dance Performance program. While at the school, she performed at Dance Ontario Weekend ’17, and various productions of Unleashed, through which she had the opportunity to work with artists such as Ryan Lee, Sharon Moore, Nicola Pantin, and Derek Sangster. Tigges currently works with Canada’s Ballet Jörgen’s education department, both administratively and in the studio. Outside of the studio, she has been working with The Dance Current since the spring of 2016 as a listing intern and contributor and is currently working towards an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. Most recently, she has performed at New Blue Emerging Dance as a part of the Creative Crunch project. She has furthered her choreographic research through the creation two pieces for the George Brown Dance Ensemble program, one of which was presented in Toronto’s Lights Dance Festival.

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A celebratory cross-country dance initiative


Remembering Dorothy Rossetti

Dorothy Rossetti was a significant figure in Montréal’s dance community with her dance store Rossetti de Montréal and generous nature.

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