Dylan Schoenmakers


Dylan Schoenmakers is a Toronto-based freelance writer and editor working in publishing and the arts. He is passionate about cultural industries, and his work experience includes grant writing and strategy, arts reviewing, and outreach and communications, with a focus on contemporary dance and theatre. He’s also a fledgling student in the adult ballet program at Canada’s National Ballet School.

Dylan Schoenmakers' Work


A Glitch in Paradise

Zata Omm’s Eden Planted By Dylan Schoenmakers

Dylan Schoenmakers explores dance viewed virtually in his review of Zata Omm’s Eden Planted, now available in video form online.


Humanity Adrift

Alan Lake Factori(e)’s Le cri des méduses By Dylan Schoenmakers

A painting come to life, Le cri des méduses dramatizes humanity at its most fractured and desperate.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Endless Imagination

By Dylan Schoenmakers

The most notable thing about The National Ballet of Canada’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is the number of things worth noting.