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Christina is a writer who covers performing arts events in Toronto and the surrounding area. She has written extensively about opera, the symphony, theatre, cinema and music, covering the Shaw and Stratford Festivals, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Canadian Opera Company, Tarragon and Factory Theatres, and various concerts around the city. When she’s not reviewing performing arts events, Christina enjoys traveling, reading, and getting around the city on two wheels. christina-on-wheels.blogspot.com

Christina Strynatka's Work

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Cinderella Inspires and Entertains

By Christina Strynatka

The Emerging Dance Critics Programme (June 2014) is a partnership with The National Ballet of Canada, grounded in The Dance Current’s educational mandate. Reading Writing Dancing is one of The Dance Current’s educational programs, providing workshops, seminars, mentorship and professional development to emerging and established dance writers alike. As part of our commitment to the field, we partner with like-minded organizations, such as The National Ballet of Canada, to educate dance readers and dance writers, providing public access to dance art and culture, and facilitating dance literacy and appreciation.

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