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Christina is a writer who covers performing arts events in Toronto and the surrounding area. She has written extensively about opera, the symphony, theatre, cinema and music, covering the Shaw and Stratford Festivals, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Canadian Opera Company, Tarragon and Factory Theatres, and various concerts around the city. When she’s not reviewing performing arts events, Christina enjoys traveling, reading, and getting around the city on two wheels. christina-on-wheels.blogspot.com

Christina Strynatka's Work


Moving in Time By Christina Strynatka

Contemporary dancer Pulga Muchochoma draws from his Mozambican roots to fuel his artistry.


Canadian-Latin American Dance Today

Vanguardia Dance Festival By Christina Strynatka Vanguardia Dance Showcase: A View on Latin America

Watching A View on Latin America days after Trump’s victory, I couldn’t help but watch this collection of Latin American perspectives and see a community united.


Making Connections By Christina Strynatka

Nicole Hamilton helps connect minds and bodies through dance


Urban Myth

Next Stage Theatre Festival By Christina Strynatka URBAN MYTH

The only dance highlight at this year’s Next Stage Theatre Festival was Urban Myth, brainchild of York University grad Deanne Kearney.


Subtle Strength: Christianne Ullmark of Toronto Dance Theatre By Christina Strynatka


The Big and Small of Power Dynamics

By Christina Strynatka Armband

Armband an exploration into some of the push-and-pull of relationships that govern us every day, including power, community and individuality.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Ratmansky & Côté: An Effective Juxtaposition

By Christina Strynatka

What does it mean to find yourself? Is it better to follow a definite narrative, as seen in Guillaume Côté’s Being and Nothingness on the National Ballet’s Ratmansky and Côté program (May 31 performance), or to take a more abstract form, as in the other two pieces on the program, Alexei Ratmansky’s Symphony #9 and Piano Concerto #1?

Emerging Views

Alyssa Martin By Christina Strynatka

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

The Man in Black with Chroma & Allegro Brillante & Carousel (A Dance)

By Christina Strynatka

When you’ve established yourself the way the National Ballet of Canada has, it could become easy to rest on your laurels and congratulate yourself on a job well done. In that respect, much credit goes to the company for going out on a limb with The Man in Black, Chroma, Allegro Brillante and Carousel (A Dance).

Emerging Arts Critics Programme


By Christina Strynatka

Kenneth MacMillan may have created Manon in 1974, but forty years later his themes resonate as strongly as ever.

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