Christa Lochead

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Christa Lochead recently completed an MI (Master of Information) at the University of Toronto, and is currently a reference & instruction librarian at George Brown College as well as an information services librarian at Cambridge Libraries & Galleries. She has an MA in Dance Studies from York University, and has worked as an independent dancer and teacher in Toronto. She enjoys discussing Boolean operators and the mechanics of a plié, equally. 

Christa Lochead's Work

University Celebrates 100 Years of Dance

In June 2009, the University of Michigan presented “Dancing at 100: Celebrating a Century of Dance.” The five-day event included a...


Developments at Ballet BC

Ballet BC’s board of directors has named long-time company dancer and choreographer Emily Molnar as interim artistic director of t...


Aboriginal Summer Dance Events

This summer saw the launch of two new contemporary Aboriginal dance events and the return of an Aboriginal arts festival. In June,...


Merce Cunningham 1919 - 2009

Legendary dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham died July 26th at the age of 90. A definitive artist of the American avant-gar...

New Creation in the Arts Awards Announced

In May, the Imperial Tobacco Canada Foundation (ITCF) announced the winners of their inaugural New Creation in the Arts Awards. La…

National Ballet Sweeps Doras

The The National Ballet of Canada swept the 2009 Dora Mavor Moore Awards, receiving all four Dance Division awards for guest chore...

Arts Funding Renewed

The Government of Canada has announced a five-year renewal of arts funding that had been set to expire March 31, 2010. A total of …


Pina Bausch 1940-2009

Acclaimed German choreographer Pina Bausch died unexpectedly at age 68 on June 30th. Bausch is generally r...

Short Waves

By Susan Kendal, Christa Lochead, Amy Bowring, Alana Gerecke

Le Groupe Dance Lab to close; Developments at Ballet BC [Emily Molnar to be Artistic Director]; Pearl Remounts Earle’s Sacra Conversazione; Pina Bausch 1940-2009 and Merce Cunningham 1919-2009

The Bohemian Index

Art, Culture and the Economy By Christa Lochead

Funding to the arts and cultural sector across Canada has received increased media attention lately. Recent increases in cultural spending come at the same time as a shift in political rhetoric: for governments of all levels, culture has come to be seen as a potential economic generator.