Chris Dupuis


Chris Dupuis is a visual artist and arts writer. His writing has appeared in Toronto Life, Xtra, Now, Soma and Time and Space. More information can be found at www.chrisdupuis.com 

Chris Dupuis' Work

Can you copyright a dance?

An Interim Report By Chris Dupuis

In the grand scheme of things, the answer seems to be a resounding “not really”. Ripoffs abound in the art world and as one high-profile case recently demonstrated in the media, it is no easier for a choreographer to control their work than it is for any other type of creator.

Michael Greyeyes

Hitting His Mark By Chris Dupuis

Michael Greyeyes started in the hockey rink but built his career on stage and screen as a dancer and actor. In September, he premieres his latest creation, From Thine Eyes, in Toronto.

George Stamos

At Home in Montréal By Chris Dupuis

Montréal choreographer George Stamos talks about his new duet, Cloak, a work that reflects on the identities we wear like costumes in our lives.