Chick Snipper


Chick Snipper, independent dance artist, recently moved to Ottawa from Vancouver where, since 1984, she worked as a choreographer, director, teacher and dramaturge in dance, theatre, documentary and experimental film. She blogs about the performing arts at Ottawalife.com.

Chick Snipper's Work

Making Waves

Riley Sims By Chick Snipper

Making Waves

By Chick Snipper

Ottawa Dance Directive


La B.A.R.N.

Tedd Robinson's Place in the Sun By Chick Snipper

He’s a quiet choreographer and a former zen monk. He’s a physical poet and a spiritual guide to dancers’ creative souls.

Teaching Dance Using the Internet

Will it catch on? By Chick Snipper

It’s controversial and it’s everywhere. Teaching dance via online webinars, distance learning for movement arts, Youtube tutorials in the martial arts and ballroom: where is it all heading? Can you really do a dance class on the Interwebs?