Charlotte Priest


Charlotte Priest is a contemporary dancer, poet and nature enthusiast from Victoria, BC. She studies dance and psychology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. She is currently interested in mirrors, Greek mythology, the intersection between dance and healing, shamanism and the way leaves look when they curl at the edges. In her spare time she might be found dancing in the forest, dreaming strange dreams or haunting thrift stores. She is delighted to be contributing to The Dance Current.

Charlotte Priest's Work

Milton Lim and Michelle Lui in Room 2048 by Hong Kong Exile / Photo by Remi Theriault

The Cathartic Future

Room 2048 by Hong Kong Exile By Charlotte Priest Hong Kong Exile Room 2048

Room 2048 by Vancouver’s Hong Kong Exile fuses dance and theatre to create a disorienting future world.


Weaving Movement By Charlotte Priest

Olivia C. Davies blends dance and storytelling on the West Coast.

Student Reporter Project

Unlocking My Creative Potential

By Charlotte Priest

It is week three of Blackbox and I’m aggressively rubbing mushed banana over my face and neck. If someone had told me three years ago this is what dance school looks like, I would have laughed in disbelief.

Student Reporter Project

Nostos - a fresh perspective on the past

By Charlotte Priest

The theme of Simon Fraser University’s November contemporary dance repertory production, Nostos, is nostalgia. However, these dancers clearly have their eyes on the future.