Carolyn Hebert


Carolyn Hebert is currently a PhD student in Education at the University of Ottawa. Her work examines the phenomenology of gender as experienced by dance students in the studio and onstage. She is also a dance teacher and choreographer in commercial recreational and competitive dance schools.

Carolyn Hebert's Work

Avinoam Silverman / Photo courtesy of Silverman

Movement Memory

How we learn, retain and remember dance By Carolyn Hebert

How do we learn, retain and remember dance? What happens when a dancer forgets well-known choreography? How can we improve our recall for movement sequences? Carolyn Hebert spoke with diverse dance professionals about memory and the verbal cues, mental imagery and bodily experiences that shape their memory.


Exclusion in Inclusion

Male dancers are in high demand, but at what expense does the dance world seek to encourage their participation? By Carolyn Hebert

There are many current programs and incentives aimed to encourage boys and men to dance, but how do they affect the girls and women with whom the male dancers train and perform? Carolyn Hebert examines the implications of such policies on both male and female dancers, as well as the dance world more broadly. She examines the consequences of the use of gendered language of athleticism as a way to make dance appear more masculine. Using her own research amongst adolescent dancer in a competitive studio, she highlights how costume, choreography and teaching practice often prioritize boys’ experience at the expense of the girls.

Exclusion in Inclusion

Gender and Dance Education By Carolyn Hebert

The gender imbalance in dance participation has led to numerous programs encouraging boys to dance. How do those choices affect girls and the discipline more broadly?