Carolyn Boll


A graduate of The Humber School for Writers, Carolyn Boll’s poems and short stories have appeared in Lavender Review, The Gay & Lesbian Review and the Queer Issue of Mayday Magazine. With a background as an independent dance artist and choreography and performance coach, she is the recipient of several Canada Council and Quebec multi-media and choreography grants, and draws upon her love of classical, popular and contemporary dance forms in her writing. Her first book Social Dance A Book of Ballroom Poetry from Sally Jane Books, the specialty imprint of lesbian indie Headmistress Press, is a reflection of this creative partnership between movement and words.

Carolyn Boll's Work


Wendy Darling Learns to Fly By Carolyn Boll

Allen and Karen Kaeja elevate Stratford’s Wendy & Peter Pan

Inside the Art

By Carolyn Boll

Design plays a major role in bringing The Wizard of Oz and Anne of Green Gables to the ballet world. Carolyn Boll spoke with the creators and design teams behind both shows about how visual storytellers bring stories to life onstage.

Dancing Words into Being

By Carolyn Boll

How do contemporary dance artists integrate poetry into their creative practices? Writer and poet Carolyn Boll talks with Peggy Baker, Sandra Laronde and Denise Fujiwara about their poetic gestures.