Carol Anderson / Photo by Sashar Zarif

Carol Anderson


Dance artist and author Carol Anderson has chronicled Canadian dance since the late 1980s. Her writing includes biographies, collections, articles and online resources. Since the 1970s she has choreographed and taught in professional, educational and community settings. Anderson started performing with pioneer Judy Jarvis’s first dance/theatre company and was a founding member of Dancemakers - dancing, teaching and choreographing with the Toronto company from 1974 to 1988. Now a professor emerita of York University’s Department of Dance, Anderson continues to move, make, teach and write.

Carol Anderson's Work

Moving Forward, Looking Back

By Carol Anderson, Kate Stashko, Helen Simard

A special three-part feature on dance in Canada

Grant Strate

Dance's Spirited Statesman By Carol Anderson

Feisty, avid and daring, Grant Strate’s professional dance career began in 1951 at the National Ballet of Canada and he has been a positive juggernaut in the field ever since. One of the country’s foremost dance educators, Strate also developed some of the most important and lasting institutions for choreography in Canada. Strate’s former student and colleague Carol Anderson writes about the man and his legacy.

Rachel Browne’s Enduring Dance

Our Tribute to a Trailblazer and Constant Mentor By Carol Anderson

Rachel Browne’s passing, on June 9, 2012, ends her own long path through dance. It’s left to others to recall her with love and respect, and attend to the resonance of her significance in Canadian dance.

The Benefit of Striving

Kids’ Health & Dance By Carol Anderson

While the physical and artistic benefits of dance are not simply interchangeable with “fitness”, imparting children with a sense of well being, within a framework that promotes healthy choices over the long term, seems vital in our computer- and media-dominated culture – and dance offers this potential experience.

What the Numbers Say

By Carol Anderson

Children’s Fitness in Canada


A "Selfish" Impulse Turned Invitation

Older and Reckless is Ten By Carol Anderson

Older and Reckless, started by Toronto-based dancer/choreographer Claudia Moore, is celebrating its tenth anniversary season in 2009/10. A full programming history to date follows this article.


Immaculate Perception [a response] 

By Carol Anderson "Necessary Velocity" Michelle Silagy

Questions rose, watching “Necessary Velocity”. Questions came from the work itself, and from the act of observation – questions related to details of looking and the ethics of response.  

Dance in Banff

A New Book By Carol Anderson

We have excerpted our photo feature this issue from Brian Macdonald’s new book Dancing in Thin Air: Looking Back on Sixty Years of Dance at the Banff Centre, including a short text excerpt and a selection of images from over the years.

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