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Brittany Duggan made the connection between dance and journalism during her first year at York University in 2005. She volunteered as The Dance Current’s first intern and soaked up years of mentorship from the many brilliant women who have graced this magazine’s masthead. Her involvement in Canada’s professional dance community drove her desire to expand her storytelling skills and she completed the University of British Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism last year. Duggan is currently a Vancouver-based freelance journalist and podcast producer.

She was The Dance Current’s Online Editor from June 2015 through December 2016, Managing Editor from 2014 through 2015, Production and Office Manager 2011 through 2013 and has been involved with the organization through various internships and as a writer since 2005.

Duggan graduated from York University’s BFA Program in Dance in 2009 and has since collaborated with a number of independent dance artists including Kate Hilliard, Susan Cash, Tracey Norman, Susan Kendal, Krista Posyniak, Jenny-Anne McCowan and Aviva Fleising. Choreographic credits include she.d (2014), a solo with cellist Kailyn Winick, works for the McMaster University Dance Company, Scienceography (2011) for Toronto’s Fringe Festival, Mayfly (2011) for The Creative Republic and mountain girl (2010). 


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By Brittany Duggan

Akram Khan


Opposites Attract & A Mixed Bag

The Bennathan Series & WYSIWYG at dance: made in canada / fait au canada By Brittany Duggan dance: made in canada/fait au canada Various Artists

The Bennathan Series and WYSIWYG at dance: made in canada/fait au canada reviewed. Part 1.

Emerging Views

TOES for Dance By Brittany Duggan

David Norsworthy and Kristen Carcone

Studio Now

By Brittany Duggan

Orillia Dance Academy

Studio Now

By Brittany Duggan

Metro Movement in Toronto


By Brittany Duggan

Arlene Philips


Meeting Points

By Brittany Duggan Half Life Motel Blue Ceiling Dance and Flightworks

A group of established female independent dancers and choreographers in Toronto – including Karen Kaeja, Lucy Rupert, Nova Bhattacharya, Diana Rose, Suzanne Liska and Kathleen Rea – join forces to create the mixed program, Half Life Motel.


By Brittany Duggan

Wen Wei Wang

Government cuts close the doors on the CCA

After sixty-seven years of service, the Canadian Conference of the Arts (CCA) announced the end of its operations on October 30th,…

Inaugural Dance Awards in Toronto

On October 14th, Toronto’s Young Centre for the Performing Arts celebrated the inaugural Young Centre Dance Awards. Curated by You…

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