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Brittany Duggan made the connection between dance and journalism during her first year at York University in 2005. She volunteered as The Dance Current’s first intern and soaked up years of mentorship from the many brilliant women who have graced this magazine’s masthead. Her involvement in Canada’s professional dance community drove her desire to expand her storytelling skills and she completed the University of British Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism last year. Duggan is currently a Vancouver-based freelance journalist and podcast producer.

She was The Dance Current’s Online Editor from June 2015 through December 2016, Managing Editor from 2014 through 2015, Production and Office Manager 2011 through 2013 and has been involved with the organization through various internships and as a writer since 2005.

Duggan graduated from York University’s BFA Program in Dance in 2009 and has since collaborated with a number of independent dance artists including Kate Hilliard, Susan Cash, Tracey Norman, Susan Kendal, Krista Posyniak, Jenny-Anne McCowan and Aviva Fleising. Choreographic credits include she.d (2014), a solo with cellist Kailyn Winick, works for the McMaster University Dance Company, Scienceography (2011) for Toronto’s Fringe Festival, Mayfly (2011) for The Creative Republic and mountain girl (2010). 


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Paul-André Fortier and Margie Gillis become Officers of the Order of Canada

Montréal’s Paul-André Fortier and Margie Gillis received their insignia as Officers of the Order of Canada on September 12.


Studio Talk: Toronto

Dance Teq opens at a new location, two dance studios open in Toronto.

Can You Swing It?

Images of Swing From Across the Nation By Brittany Duggan, Kate Morris

Since the mid-1980s, swing dance has witnessed an important revival, becoming a popular social dance for amateurs from coast to coast. In this photo essay we pay tribute to the history as well as the many and varied perspectives on swing from contemporary companies and groups across the nation.

Studio Now

Ballet Espressivo By Brittany Duggan

Toronto dance studio for adults with classes in classical ballet, ballet floor barre, modern dance and improvisation.

Making Waves

Justine A. Chambers By Brittany Duggan

Staying power in dance has to do with a lot more than just talent; it requires perseverance, thick skin, continual curiosity and passion for the form. Vancouver-based Justine A. Chambers has all this, and more. After twenty years as a professional in the field, Chambers remains equally passionate about her work as a dancemaker, an interpreter, a rehearsal director and a teacher.



On April 1, programming for the arts and culture events surrounding the 2015 PanAm/ Parapan American Games in Toronto were announced at the El Catrin restaurant in the Distillery District.


Training Scholarships

The School of Alberta Ballet announce a boys’ scholarship program, Winnipeg’s Rainbow Stage Music Theatre Conservatory announce free jazz classes for aspirants and professionals and others in the country making training available for emerging dance artists.


Meet New NBoC ED Barry Hughson

In January, The National Ballet of Canada (NBoC) welcomed new Executive Director Barry Hughson.

Studio Now

Jade’s Hip Hop Academy in Brampton By Brittany Duggan


Dance at the movies

The ballet comes to a movie theatre near you.

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