Bridget Cauthery


Bridget Cauthery is a researcher, teacher and arts consultant based in Toronto. She holds a Masters degree in dance ethnography from York University where her research was nominated for a university thesis award, and she was recently awarded her doctorate from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. Bridget is the Company Manager for Toronto Dance Theatre. 

Bridget Cauthery's Work


Wheel of Time 

By Bridget Cauthery KAAL – Time

There is a gentle wisdom about Janak Khendry. In his latest work, KAAL – Time, the seventy-two-year-old dancer and choreographer appears first as a benevolent Creator and then later as an omniscient journeyman moving through day and night.

Ballet: Why and How?

A question of indebtedness By Bridget Cauthery

At a recent international conference held in Stockholm, ballet’s leading stakeholders (including Mavis Staines from Canada’s National Ballet School) pondered the question and plotted a future for classical ballet’s place in dance.


The Artist in Three Parts 

By Bridget Cauthery “Isolated Incidents” Nova Bhattacharya

Having seen much of Nova Bhattacharya’s work over the past ten years, I was looking forward to her solo show, “Isolated Incidents”, presented as part of the 2009/2010 Danceworks Season at the Enwave Theatre, May 13th through 15th, 2010.

Canada Dance Festival: The 2008 Collection 

By Bridget Cauthery Canada Dance Festival  Canada Dance Festival 

Red arrows fixed to the sidewalk led the audience from Elgin Street to the terraces atop the National Art Centre for the premiere of Ottawa-based performance artist Kenneth Emig’s site-specific work at the Canada Dance Festival 2008.

Tony Chong

new chief at Le Groupe By Bridget Cauthery

On July 1st, Tony Chong took over directorship of Le Groupe Dance Lab from longtime artistic director Peter Boneham, who will stay on as a senior artistic advisor. “It’s going to be a challenge – there’s no doubt about that,” says Chong, “but it is one I am eager to embrace.”


An Ambitious Anniversary Ballet 

By Bridget Cauthery “Anastasia” Bengt Jörgen, Ballet Jörgen Canada

Jörgen’s “Anastasia” is a fictional dramatization of episodes from the life of Anastasia Romanov, the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia.  

Global Tributaries

Margie Gillis Creates for Hari Krishnan By Bridget Cauthery

Margie Gillis and Hari Krishnan have recently been in the studio together for Gillis to create a new solo for Krishnan. In this article, writer Bridget Cauthery draws on theoretical ideas of transnationalism and flow to frame their creative process.


In Search of Flamenco Puro 

By Bridget Cauthery "Escencia Flamenca" Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company

Sometimes a period of absence – or abstinence – from a particular dance form can result in the acquisition of new perspective, allowing one to view a performance with fresh eyes and ears.  

Cross Gender Performance: Dispelling the Binary 

By Bridget Cauthery CanAsian Dance Festival 2006  CanAsian Dance Festival

Transformations: Expressions of Gender Roles in Asian Dance, presented by CanAsian Dance (June 8-11th, 2006), was like opening a jewellery box of precious gems or discovering buried treasure.  

The Green Tea Collective

Dancing a Cultural Balance By Bridget Cauthery

What is it to be “from somewhere”? While the members of the Toronto-based Green tea collective can’t exactly say, it is something they certainly feel. United by their shared Japanese cultural heritage, the are preparing their second program of work, Dai Don Den 2.