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Bettina Hoffmann worked for many years in installations and photography and now choreographs movements to develop video installations and life performance in collaboration with contemporary dancers. In 2012 she was granted a residency in New York City to develop work at the intersection of dance and video. Her work is located at the intersection of photography, sculpture, film, dance and theatre. She is challenging the boundaries of the lens-based medium to create new spaces, both in a spatial and psychological sense. In recent work she reconstructs and subtly dramatizes everyday situations or uses ‘displaced movements’ to facilitate the examination of the underlying mechanisms of social relations, conflicts and communication. bettinahoffmann.net 

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Ame Henderson: relay

By Megan Andrews, Bettina Hoffmann

Ame Henderson lives and works in Toronto where she is the artistic director of Public Recordings.

Ame Henderson

relay By Bettina Hoffmann, Megan Andrews

relay investigates modes of togetherness through the examination and rethinking of the unison gesture,” notes Toronto-based choreographer Ame Henderson, who is known for her engaging, event-like dance works.