Arianna Benincasa


Arianna Benincasa’s love for music began with dance. She studied at Canada’s National Ballet School and Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts high school, earning her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto. Ms. Benincasa has appeared in lead roles in West Side Story, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hair, Hairspray and Nine at the University of Toronto. She currently works in the music industry at an audio post-production recording studio.

Arianna Benincasa's Work

Jillian Vanstone, Hannah Fischer and Piotr Stanczyk in The Winter’s Tale / Photo by Karolina Kuras
Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Definitive Motif in The Winter’s Tale

By Arianna Benincasa

Choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon, “The Winter’s Tale” takes a contemporary approach to Shakespeare’s comedic, romantic and tragic “problem play” about jealousy, familial bonds and love.