Aria Evans


Aria Evans is a queer, Toronto-based, interdisciplinary and award winning artist whose practice spans dance, creation, performance and film. She draws on her experiences as a woman of mixed race (Afro-Indigenous, settler) as well as her BFA (2012) to capture meaningful social and cultural themes through her interactive art. With a large-scale vision, collaboration is the departure point to the work that she creates under her company POLITICAL MOVEMENT. Advocating for inclusion and the representation of diversity, she uses her artistic practice to question the ways we can coexist together.

Pictured: Evans / Photo co-created with Ximena Huizi

Aria Evans' Work

Evans / Photo co-created with Ximena Huizi

A Calling In

By Aria Evans

As a mixed white and Afro-Indigenous body myself, I know the dance community has a lot of work to do inside of systemic racism and solidarity. I have personally experienced violence and injustice from the dance community, and I question the ways that the performing arts sector continues to perpetuate this brutality.