Anne Flynn


Anne Flynn is professor in the department of dance at the University of Calgary, and has worked in the Calgary dance community as a dancer, writer, teacher, administrator and advocate. 

Anne Flynn's Work

It Never Stopped!

Blackfoot Dancing in Canada By Lisa Doolittle, Anne Flynn

“Through multiple historical moments, we notice First Nations dancing that both destabilizes and supports power structures constructed on rigid foundations of ‘race’, ‘whiteness’ and ‘indigenousness’ as Canada continuously re-imagines diversity and the place of indigenous peoples inside it.” Dance researchers Lisa Doolittle and Anne Flynn share their research into the relationship between First Nations dance and Canadian cultural policy. Excerpts from interviews with Blackfoot dancers offer first-person perspectives on the experience and significance of dancing.

Community Dance Practice

Values, Issues, Approaches By Anne Flynn

A conversation with Robyn Campbell and Anne Flynn. Drawing on their own experiences, Robyn Campbell and Anne Flynn discuss their views on values, practices and approaches in community dance. While questioning the use and meaning of the term “access”, they agree that community dance is part of the broad artistic picture.