Ann-Marie Williams


Ann-Marie Williams [guest writer] is an arts manager, dancer and teacher, certified with the Royal Academy of Dance. She holds an MA in dance from York University and a BFA in theatre-dance from Ryerson University. 

Ann-Marie Williams' Work

A View From the Middle

By Ann-Marie Williams

How can we embrace the new curatorial generation’s no-nonsense activism while honouring the milestones reached by the previous generation of presenters? Two generations weigh in on the current state of dance curation, and how they feel about each other.

Canada’s National Ballet School

5 Decades of Tradition and Innovation By Ann-Marie Williams

Under the artistic direction of Mavis Staines, Canada’s National Ballet School has ushered in a host of beneficial changes in pedagogical practices that have made the fifty-year-old conservatory an international leader in ballet training.

An Historical Timeline

By Ann-Marie Williams

5 Decades of NBS: 1959-2009

Choreography with Kin

By Ann-Marie Williams

Several prominent Canadian choreographers, Karen Kaeja, Laurence Lemieux, Santee Smith and Eryn Dace Trudell, have all recently created work with their children for the professional stage.

Dance in the Digital Age

By Ann-Marie Williams

Technological advancements develop so quickly it seems hard to keep up. As your mobile phones become instantaneous podcasting devices, and the internet becomes increasingly video- and image-based, where will dance fit in?

Reality Check

Tuning in to Dance on TV By Ann-Marie Williams

The popularity of dance-based reality shows only seems to be growing, with all the major networks getting in on the action. Canada will soon have its own version of So You Think You Can Dance this fall on CTV. This is great – isn’t it?