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Andrea Downie is a dance educator, choreographer and kinesiology instructor with twenty-five years of experience. She is also the president and a founding member of Healthy Dancer Canada. Downie received her HonBFA in Dance Performance and MA in Dance Education from York University. She also completed the professional training program at Dance New Amsterdam in New York City and performed with Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects while there. Downie specializes in motor learning and developed the Multisensory Pedagogical Model for Dance Skill Instruction to enhance dance skill learning. She is one of only a few certified teachers of Simonson Technique in Canada. She is also a certified Level 2 Conditioning-with-Imagery (C-I) Training teacher and the C-I Training Course Administrator. Downie recently returned to the GTA after living for more than twenty years in BC. She works actively as a guest dance instructor, choreographer and speaker across Canada, enthusiastically sharing her passion for dance with teachers and dancers of all ages, levels and abilities.

Andrea Downie's Work


Defining Posture and Alignment By Donna Krasnow, Andrea Downie

What are the differences and how can we use imagery to improve?

Healthy Dancer

Born Flexible

By Andrea Downie

While being “born flexible” would seem a blessing, certain challenges face dancers who are naturally bendy.


Born Flexible By Andrea Downie

Managing hypermobility

Healthy Dancer

Dancers and Doctors

By Andrea Downie, Amber Downie-Back

Six tips to improve communication between health-care professionals and dancers. The importance of working collaboratively with a practitioner to get the most out of your appointment and find support for both your career and your physical and mental well-being.


Dancers and Doctors By Andrea Downie, Amber Downie-Back

Communicating with health-care professionals

Healthy Dancer

Freer and More Fragile By Andrea Downie

Embracing the benefits and challenges of dancing and aging

Emerging Views

Wishes for the Future of Canadian Dance By Jacqueline Hansen, Andrea Downie, Cindy Brett, Kate Stashko

from The Dance Current team

Points of View (unsolicited) 

By Alana Gerecke, Andrea Downie Vancouver International Dance Festival 2007  Vancouver International Dance Festival

Among the many performances at the Vancouver International Dance Festival, two programs – by senior artists Jay Hirabayashi and Barbara Bourget, and by Karen Jamieson – inspired emerging writers to capture their experiences in words.