Anaïs Loewen-Young

Anaïs Loewen-Young


Originally from Vancouver, Anaïs grew up training in ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap and hip-hop dance. She now holds a Bachelors degree in English from the University of Toronto, where she graduated with distinction. While studying at U of T, she became a member of Silhouettes Dance Company. At Silhouettes she was able to pursue her love of dance and explore her own creativity as a choreographer. After two years with the company, she was elected to the position of Artistic Director. This will be her fifth year with the company. Anaïs is very excited to be working with The Dance Current, and hopes to continue to develop and share her passion for writing and dance.  

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Lights, Curtain, Music

By Anaïs Loewen-Young

For Robert McQueen, one of the most important aspects of a musical is its use of composition; the role of music can make or break a production. “The music isn’t just providing a nice melody,” he states.


Finding her voice By Anaïs Loewen-Young

Kylee Hart’s fourth season with the former Citie Ballet, newly renamed Ballet Edmonton.