Alana Gerecke


Alana Gerecke is a Vancouver-based dancer and scholar. A graduate of the Simon Fraser University dance and English programs, she dances with EDAM and researches site-specific dance in her doctoral studies (English, SFU). 

Alana Gerecke's Work


Moments Captured 

By Kaija Pepper, Eury Chang, Alana Gerecke, Mary Theresa Kelly, Sarah Todd Dancing on the Edge 2010  Dancing on the Edge

Capsule reviews by various writers, capturing the essence of the festival.

Choreographing Publics

Site-based dance and performance in public places By Alana Gerecke


A Scientific Experiment By Alana Gerecke

With their joint exploration of discipline-specific approaches to research and of the possibilities and limits of cross-disciplinary co-creation, choreographer Gail Lotenberg, behavioural ecologist Dr. Mark Winston, and the other Experiments collaborators dig deeply into how science and dance function as ways of knowing.

A Live Experiment

Dance Your PhD By Alana Gerecke

Short Waves

By Susan Kendal, Christa Lochead, Amy Bowring, Alana Gerecke

Le Groupe Dance Lab to close; Developments at Ballet BC [Emily Molnar to be Artistic Director]; Pearl Remounts Earle’s Sacra Conversazione; Pina Bausch 1940-2009 and Merce Cunningham 1919-2009


Self-expression and entertainment: a fine balance 

By Alana Gerecke, Kaija Pepper Dancing on the Edge 2007  Dancing on the Edge

Another conversation-style festival review with some keen insider perspective. 

Points of View (unsolicited) 

By Alana Gerecke, Andrea Downie Vancouver International Dance Festival 2007  Vancouver International Dance Festival

Among the many performances at the Vancouver International Dance Festival, two programs – by senior artists Jay Hirabayashi and Barbara Bourget, and by Karen Jamieson – inspired emerging writers to capture their experiences in words. 

Social Studies

By Pamela Newell, Alana Gerecke

Credit: Who Takes It? Defining the dancer’s role in the creative process