Aimee Dawn Robinson

Editorial Advisory Committee, Contributor

Aimée Dawn Robinson and Trace Dance Practice, brings dancers and audiences closer to wild spaces and nature through embodied performance practices. Robinson lives in a one-room cabin in the woods in the Yukon Territory. Find her work and workshops online at tracedancepractice.com.  

Aimee Dawn Robinson's Work

Electrifying dance and music in Yukon and internationally

By Aimee Dawn Robinson

Led by Marilyn Yadultin Jensen of Carcross/Tagish First Nation, The Dakhká Khwáan Dancers are an Inland Tlingit, Whitehorse-based group.


Holding Each Other Up

By Aimee Dawn Robinson

Aimée Dawn Robinson talks about the importance of taking the time to “embrace, nourish and celebrate your artistry.”


By Kate Stashko, Seika Boye, Lee Su-Feh, Angie Cheng, Ravyn Ariah Wngz, Jenn Goodwin, Olivia C. Davies, Vivek Patel, Robyn Breen, Aimee Dawn Robinson, Gerry Morita

To celebrate our twentieth anniversary, The Dance Current asked dance artists to write about an issue of their choice and offer a call to action. The contributing artists covered everything from consent in contact improvisation, to creativity within a capitalist framework, to dance and motherhood and everything in between.

Body of Water Project

Three artists, from St. John’s, Calgary and Whitehorse, worked in each other’s communities to consider water, rivers and our collective identities.


Body of Water Project: Creative Exchange By Wojciech Mochniej, Aimee Dawn Robinson, Anne Troak

Three artists, from Saint John’s, Calgary and Whitehorse, worked in each other’s communities to consider water, rivers and our collective identities.

Presenters and Artists

Support and Power By Aimee Dawn Robinson, Janelle Hardy

Trust and risk, control and funding. Presenters navigate a challenging terrain between artists and audiences. Here, they share their views on artists development and the power to choose.

Widening the Sphere

dance Immersion hosts the world By Aimee Dawn Robinson

Vivine Scarlett clearly believes dance is an instrument for change. She is the founder of the Toronto-based organization dance Immersion, which supports and promotes dances and dance artists of the African Diaspora. In January, dance Immersion will be the first host outside the United States to produce the International Association of Blacks in Dance annual conference.


By Aimee Dawn Robinson

Kathleen Rea: A dancer’s story

Social Studies

By Aimee Dawn Robinson

Works-in-Progress Shows: celebrating an anniversary and raising some questions

In the Making

By Aimee Dawn Robinson

The alchemy of Holly Small: Souls

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