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Writers & Readers

With a Little Help From My Alien Friends

By Jennifer Essex

What happens when you create a performance in collaboration with children? Jennifer Essex, co-founder of Fully Booked Theatre, explores this question in relation to her work.

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Cultural Diversity or Orchestrated Insensitivity to the Other

By Zab Maboungou

Read Canadian dance pioneer Zab Maboungou’s response to the current dialogue around pluralism in the arts.

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Making the Leap

By Rachel Silver Maddock

In light of her recent emerging artist award, Vancouver-based dance artist Lexi Vajda talks about her journey and what she would recommend for someone just starting out.

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There’s Someone Else in the Room

My mother, Phyllis Margolick, dance accompanist extraordinaire, recently passed away at the age of ninety-six. Her deep musicianship and understanding of dance inspired generations of professional and aspiring dancers in Canada and the United States.

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Eat, Post, Stretch, Like, Dance, Share, Repeat: A Rough Guide to Social Media for Dance

By Jillian Groening

Regardless of whether you’re an independent artist, artistic director of a company, head of a training institution or manager of a performance venue, the constant hum of social media banter continues to get louder. Learn how to share, connect, create and, most importantly, have fun in the Internet abyss.

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How Juan Carlos Lérida Saved My Flamenco Life

By Rosanna Terracciano

My artistic trajectory has always been fueled by a persistent curiosity for rethinking flamenco’s place within the world of dance. Or possibly just trying to understand flamenco’s place within the world of dance, especially within the Canadian landscape. And then I recently had a eureka moment.

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A selection of playlists to inspire dance (the kind in the studio as well as the kind in your living room) all summer long.

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Bgirl-inspired Playlists

“Breaking Bad: The New Bgirls” by Mary Fogarty in the March/April 2015 issue featured a range of major players in Canada’s bgirl community. These women are fighting for space and changing the status quo of bgirls in Canadian hip hop cultures. We’re inspired by them and wondered, what inspires them? Among other things, music.

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A Letter to the Toronto Dance Community

This letter is mainly a personal note from me to you. However, on account of the outpouring of affection for this wonderful master, it wouldn’t be too bold to say my words come from a whole host of dancers across several disciplines in the concert dance community.

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By Jillian Vanstone

When little girls and boys dream about a life as a dancer they think about the costumes and the lights, the thrill and the applause, the joy of movement, the storytelling, the fantasy. What children don’t imagine are the pressures of a career on stage.

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Grant Strate: Generous, Spirited, Inspiring

In preparation for her profile of Canadian dance legend Grant Strate, Carol Anderson asked friends and colleagues about their memories and recollections of working with the man himself.

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Michelle Khoo’s Austrian Diary

By Michelle Khoo

In July, fifteen-year-old Goh Ballet Academy student Michelle Khoo travelled to Europe for the first time to participate in the Wien Welt Wettbewerb competition. Before she left for Austria, we asked Michelle to keep a diary about her experiences to share with our younger readers.

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Aging Angst

Thoughts and Reflections by Yvonne Rainer and Carolee Schneemann from the January 2014 issue of PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art.

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We Asked ... You Said

A recent roundup of favourites from our readers.

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Dance Book Poll

We asked our readers to list their favourite dance book for our August 2013 contest. Here’s what we heard back –

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Our Intern Andrew Guilbert in Maisonneuve

Our intern Andrew Guilbert writes about cigar-box guitars in the summer issue of Maisonneuve.

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