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Where My Body Belongs

By Candice Irwin

I wonder how many amazing voices, of all sizes, our industry has lost because our obsession with achieving the “dancer body” clouds our understanding of artistry.

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Just What the Therapist Ordered

By Gina Fernandez

When Gina Fernandez was learning the most effective movements in targeting Parkinson’s disease, she noticed the similarities between them and bhangra and Bollywood. When she implemented them into her boxing classes, the clinical results amazed her.

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Writers & Readers

From Our Archives: Bonnie Kim Reflects on Dancing in Jean-Pierre Perreault’s JOE

By Bonnie Kim

Digidance, in collaboration with the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault, presents Perreault’s JOE online March 17 through 23. The work was originally created in 1984, and the filmed version that audiences will see this week was produced in 1995 by Radio-Canada. This article, by JOE dancer Bonnie Kim about her experience dancing in the work, was originally published in the May 2004 issue of The Dance Current.

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Confined by the Calendar

By Samyuktha Punthambekar

Even in “normal” circumstances, IBPOCs follow a largely Eurocentric calendar that primarily recognizes Eurocentric festivals and holidays. Because of how this calendar dictates time off, making the time to travel and train can be nearly impossible for dance artists who can only train in their home countries.

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Why I Left Toronto

By Samyuktha Punthambekar

Punthambekar describes her experiences in Toronto dance communities and why she decided to leave.

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Adding Colour to Dance Health

By Dr. Blessyl Buan

Dr. Blessyl Buan created the BIPOC Dance Health Directory in order to address the lack of representation she saw in dance health.

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What Lies Ahead?

By Patricia Allison

Facing so much of the unknown, artists give their predictions for 2021

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By Peter Chin

The entire poem from the Winter 2021 issue

Writers & Readers


By Kendra Guidolin

Poetry by Kendra Guidolin. Find more of her work in our November/December 2020 issue.

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Finding Home Again

By Emily Pettet

Years of traumatic rhetoric around body image and perfection have dulled the pure joy of dancing that I felt in my creative movement classes as a kid. An invisible screen of anxiety has prevented me from making it into a studio consistently. While I’ve had the desire to go, getting there has been the problem, and I haven’t been able to fix it.

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Remembering Anna Wyman

By Emma FitzGerald

Emma Fitzgerald reflects on the life of her former dance teacher, the legendary choreographer and artistic director, Anna Wyman.

Dan Wild / Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh
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Remembering Dan Wild

Friends and colleagues shared with The Dance Current memories of Wild.

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Welcome to Our World

By Patricia Allison

Can digital innovation during COVID-19 be leveraged in a post-pandemic world to make dance careers more accessible?

Chowdhury and Yip / Photo by Amy Wong
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Dancing Before Walking

By Sima Chowdhury

Sima Chowdhury speaks about her journey to recovery through dance.

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This Shape

By Kendra Guidolin

Kendra Guidolin shares a short fiction piece on the subject of body image.

Barbara Diabo's Community Project: Life is Good Thanks / photo by Tamara Romanchuk
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(Re)Connecting the Circle

By Amy Hull

Claudia Moore’s MOonhORsE Dance Theatre presented Older & Reckless #42 in November of 2019. Amy Hull responds to the six works presented by artists Bill Coleman, Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo, Christine Friday, Elizabeth Langley, JP Longboat, Byron Chief Moon, and Lee Maracle.

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Message for International Dance Day From Louise Lecavalier

Louise Lecavalier shares a message for International Dance Day, via Regroupement québécois de la danse.

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All Things West

By Sky Fairchild-Waller

In The Right Eye of Clint, I see an architect – someone who muses over how designed space and humans converge.

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Ecologies of Care

By Andrea Frolic

If you listen to Peggy Baker describe her work move, she’ll tell you the piece is about the experience of giving and receiving care, of being tended to and tending to others.

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Textiles and Truth-Telling

By Kristin Harris Walsh

The word ori is a Yoruba word meaning head and representing one’s life path, purpose, destiny and spiritual intuition. While Afro-Brazilian spiritual beliefs may seem miles away both physically and culturally from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, the recent production, titled Ori, brought the two together.

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