What's In Your Dancebag?

What's In Your Dancebag?

Alex Michelle

Pole and aerial performer and co-owner of Vertika Pole Fitness Studio

What's In Your Dancebag?

Alvin Erasga Tolentino

Artistic Director of Co. ERASGA

What's In Your Dancebag?

Johnathan Morin

Co-artistic director and producer of Rhythm & Sound Productions

Photo courtesy of Sundermeier
What's In Your Dancebag?

Jo-Ann Sundermeier

Principal dancer with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet and founding member of Q Dance

Photo courtesy of Hon
What's In Your Dancebag?

Ming Hon

Packing for a performance (and the end of the world)

Photo courtesy of Morimoto
What's In Your Dancebag?

Sahara Morimoto

Contemporary dance artist and teacher

What's In Your Dancebag?

Davi Rodrigues

Artistic Director, Lamondance

Photo courtesy of Crista Aguinaldo
What's In Your Dancebag?

Crista Aguinaldo

Co-founder, Hataw Performing Arts

Photo courtesy of Lisa Emmons
What's In Your Dancebag?

Lisa Emmons

Co-artistic director, Form Contemporary Dance Theatre

What's In Your Dancebag?

Atri Nundy

Principal dancer, Sampradaya Dance Creations

What's In Your Dancebag?

Melissa Tuplin

Calgary-based artist Melissa Tuplin admits to being an overpacker, a believer in the bullet list system, and a triple-clothing-layer kind of dancer.

What's In Your Dancebag?

Michael Caldwell

Michael Caldwell, choreographer, dancer and artistic producer of Fall for Dance North in Toronto.

What's In Your Dancebag?

Kiera Hill

As a dancer with Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal, the contents of Kiera Hill’s dancebag reflect the touring lifestyle of her internationally focused company.

What's In Your Dancebag?

Jessica Jone

Artistic director of the Lorita Leung Dance Company and principal of the Lorita Leung Dance Academy in Vancouver, Jone packs her dancebag with things to help her get through her busy day teaching and performing Chinese dance

What's In Your Dancebag?

Neema Bickersteth

Soprano Neema Bickersteth, creator and performer of Century Song, has a dancebag full of items to help her with her ambitious one-woman performance.

What's In Your Dancebag?

Jackie Latendresse

Jackie Latendresse of Free Flow Dance, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, has a dancebag full of items that reflect her company’s twenty years of creating dance in the Prairies

What's In Your Dancebag?

Simon "Klassic" Xavier

Simon “Klassic” Xavier is a popper who dances and teaches at Ottawa’s Flava Factory. He is also the dance coordinator for the House of PainT competition. We asked him what he keeps in his bag for competition weekends.

What's In Your Dancebag?

Lucy Rupert

Lucy Rupert is a dancer/choreographer in Toronto. As a metaphor, her dancebag is a test to her busy life: if the bag is too full it likely has things she doesn’t need or possibly her schedule is just too out of control. See what staples she’s sure to always have with her.

What's In Your Dancebag?

Flamenco Dance School Student Linda Palmer

Linda Palmer is sixty-four and has been dancing flamenco for ten years. “It keeps the brain active! I love everything: the rhythms, the costumes, the physicality, the camaraderie.”

What's In Your Dancebag?

Jennifer Nichols

“TheraBands, for foot-strengthening exercises when I’m working with synchro teams,” says Nichols who founded a conditioning method based on ballet.

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