Keep On Calling

By Aria Evans

Aria Evans follows up on A Calling In one year after its publication, continuing her investigation of the dance sector and the work that needs to be done to unlearn systemic racism and in the name of solidarity.

Evans / Photo co-created with Ximena Huizi

A Calling In

By Aria Evans

As a mixed white and Afro-Indigenous body myself, I know the dance community has a lot of work to do inside of systemic racism and solidarity. I have personally experienced violence and injustice from the dance community, and I question the ways that the performing arts sector continues to perpetuate this brutality.

Mensah / Photo by XVXY Photography

Dancing on a Fine Line

By Esie Mensah

Esie Mensah talks about the difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation in dance.


Holding Each Other Up

By Aimee Dawn Robinson

Aimée Dawn Robinson talks about the importance of taking the time to “embrace, nourish and celebrate your artistry.”


Living Wages for Dance Artists

By Olivia C. Davies

Olivia Davies talks about her involvement in a research and development project with CADA/West. The project’s goal is to produce new professional standards documents that will ensure the practices of more dance artists are understood.


Rallying Cry

By Angie Cheng

Angie Cheng talks about the “need to address imbalances of power and the need for change within ourselves and our institutions and structures simultaneously.”


Contact and Consent

By Vivek Patel

Vivek Patel talks about how “consent creates the environment of trust necessary to experience profound levels of exploration and connection in contact improv dance.”


Moving Beyond the Theory of Inclusion

By Ravyn Ariah Wngz

Ravyn Ariah Wngz talks about the importance of seeking out those most affected by marginalization and exclusion to inform us of what changes are needed in the dance community.


Free to Feel

By Robyn Breen

Robyn Breen talks about the importance of “talking about [mental health] issues openly and honestly and begin the process of caring and healing.”

Stashko in her own work Wound Up: redux, presented by New Music Edmonton

Broadening Our Sphere

By Kate Stashko

Kate Stashko talks about representation on stage and brainstorms a few simple actions she thinks dance artists, curators, programmers, collaborators and audience members can take to broaden their circles.


Radical Risk

By Gerry Morita

Gerry Morita talks about the vital, democratic and provocative importance of improvising


Choreographing Conversations

By Lee Su-Feh

Lee Su-Feh talks about unpacking what we carry in our bodies and understanding time and space in order to make the simplest of dances

Boye / Photo by Alyson Hardwick

What Can You Do?

By Seika Boye

Seika Boye talks about the untold histories of BIPOC dancers in Canada.


Mom Art!

By Jenn Goodwin

Jenn Goodwin talks about the conflicting pushes and pulls of parenting and art making.