On the Ground

On the Ground

A Day in Dance at Toronto’s Fringe Festival

By Sabrina Bellisimo

It was a hot Saturday afternoon when I set off into downtown Toronto to attend two shows at my first-ever Toronto Fringe Festival.

On the Ground

Dancing the Day

Waking up in the morning, I sometimes feel like a pilot doing his pre-flight checklist. Today, the first thing I check is my neck. Somehow, I sprained it a couple days ago and it’s been in pretty rough shape since.

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The Future of Dance’s Past

By Deanne Kearney

With American Ballet Theatre handing over their archival materials to the Library of Congress, it brings up the question of how well Canada is doing in documenting its dance past.

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Arriving at Dance Therapy with Les Grand Ballets Canadiens (and with my husband and child)

By Lorraine Aston

Often, accommodating a big idea involves expanding your vision rather than changing your current plan. For Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and for me, our big ideas led us to dance therapy.

On the Ground

New experiences unfold at Toronto Fringe

By Megan Kimmerer

From an extremely physical piece dealing with personal revolution and life’s greatest questions, to a full-length show made up of three shorter works, each with their own unique themes and finally an autobiographical piece rich with raw emotion, dance at this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival was nothing short of entertaining.

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Canada’s Past and Present at Jacob’s Pillow

By Deanne Kearney

Dee Kearney writes about her experience interning at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival this summer.

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Visionary Programming at Luminato

By Sky Fairchild-Waller

Last week, during the final stretch of one of Toronto’s largest annual festivals, I saw some brilliant things. Sometimes you see art that makes you feel like you’ve never seen art before.

On the Ground

Keeping Current Through Collaboration

By Sarah Douglas

Halifax is home to a wealth of seasoned and traditional creators, a leader in fostering dance artistry in Atlantic Canada. Enhanced by a wave of refreshingly curious and newfangled exploration, the dance community in Halifax attracts new audiences by establishing partnerships with media artists and working in interdisciplinary collaboration to embrace diversity in performance and process.

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A Bridge between Dance and Community

By Maude Abouche

Women of all ages from Montréal’s Ville-Marie borough experience contemporary dance first-hand, for the first time.

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Is Toronto Ready for Hip Hop Theatre?

By Deanne Kearney

What happens when you ask a group of street dancers to dance like peanut butter? While Victoria “VicVersa” Mackenzie shouts “smooth or crunchy?”, Lee “Lethal” Pham lays down and starts munching on the most amazing imaginary sandwich he has eaten in his life. Deanne Kearney reports on Open Art Surgery by Breaking Conventions in Toronto.

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A Flamenco of One’s Own

By Rosanna Terracciano

A Flamenco of One’s Own: on watching Israel Galván re-invent flamenco.

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Modern Times in the Middle Kingdom

By Molly Johnson

In November 2013, I travelled to Guangzhou, China to perform with Montréal’s Danièle Desnoyers/Le Carré des Lombes at the 10th Guangdong Dance Festival.

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Walking the Camino

By Andrew Guilbert

A former Dance Current intern goes on a Spanish pilgrimage walking the Camino de Santiago.

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At The Art of Flamenco Symposium

By Ben Portis

The Dance Current attended the recent Art of Flamenco Symposium in Toronto, gleaning insights into cantes, bulerías and Carmen Amaya.

On the Ground

Swell Season

By Susan Lee

Susan Lee was a wreck when she arrived at Swell: a Contact Dance Intensive and Eco-Poetic Approach to Improvisation, a workshop presented by Mocean Dance this past June in Halifax.

On the Ground


By Jenny-Anne McCowan

A first hand account of Marina Abramović’s MAI-Prototype educational installation.

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