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On the Ground

On the Ground

Nurturing Impulse

By Rachel Silver Maddock

Jennifer Mascall talks about the role of improvisation in her career as both a performer and choreographer and reflects on her recent two-week improvisation workshop.

On the Ground

Competition Becomes Celebration

By Erin Baldwin

In many ways, The Erik Bruhn Prize does away with the cutthroat atmosphere of competition and becomes more like a showcase for burgeoning young dancers, contemporary choreography and some of the finest pas de deux in the classical repertoire.

On the Ground

Getting Involved at the Federal Level

By Kate Cornell

Why should the dance community care about politics? Kate Cornell writes about why it’s important for dance artists to get involved and offers tips on how to convincingly speak to politicians.

On the Ground

She's Got the "Taksu"

Firda Wijaya teaches and performs Indonesian folk dance in Vancouver. The Dance Current published a profile on Wijaya in our January/February 2019 issue. Here is the full conversation.

On the Ground

Holding Up the Mirror

By Nicole Decsey

Jeroboam Bozeman reflects on his time auditioning for the Ailey Company, belief in himself and performing in Canada.

On the Ground

Opening New Doors

The Dance Current caught up with Noriko Kusama before her performance in Rhythm, Stories, Movement, a performance with Canada’s taiko group Nagata Shachu and also featuring author/storyteller Rui Umezawa and contemporary dancer Yuichiro Inoue.

On the Ground

Open Arms

By Emma Kerson

In her new work White Elephant, Marie Lambin-Gagnon explores awareness, presence and acceptance, as five performers navigate a world of bubble wrap and play with the fragility of memory.

On the Ground

Taking the Time

By Emilie Durville

Sit in on a conversation with Emilie Durville and Alysa Pires before Pires presents her work MAMBO at Toronto’s Fall for Dance North Festival.

On the Ground

A Space to Ask Hard Questions

By Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson

Created by adelheid Artistic Director Heidi Strauss, re·research is a program that provides emerging dance artists with space, time and infrastructure to explore non-product-oriented creation and process.

On the Ground

Choose Your Own Adventure

By Elise Tigges

During a week-long festival at Toronto’s Harbourfront, an exciting schedule brought unique performances from around the world. Through dance, music, theatre and puppetry, children were exposed to stories and cultures, from right here at home to as far away as Australia and Norway.

On the Ground

TV's Tough Competitors

By Elise Tigges

Jenalyn Saraza-Pacheco and Luka Milacic-Perusina are a Toronto-based cabaret ballroom couple who are set to wow the audience in season two of World of Dance, a competitive dance TV series that airs on NBC (and CTV in Canada). After being cut in season one, they’re back and excited to challenge themselves.

On the Ground

Jolene Bailie's Fringe Tips

Winnipeg-based dance artist Jolene Bailie offers tips for surviving the Fringe Festival.

On the Ground

Strike A Pose

By Jillian Groening

Ralph Escamillan and Gerard X Reyes talk about their work in keeping vogue communities intergenerational.

Laura Avery, Hayley Rose Gawthrop and Roxanne Nesbitt in McInnes's ree-wahyld / Photo by Sophia Wolfe
On the Ground

Yielding Mindful Footprints: Q & A with Kelly McInnes

By Emma Kerson

Vancouver-based artist Kelly McInnes creates socio-political dance that asks big questions.

On the Ground

Phantom, stills & vibrations

By Victoria Mohr-Blakeney, Nadine Changfoot

In her new work Lara Kramer confronts the complex and brutal relationships between Indigenous peoples and settler society, exploring the residual effects of the residential school system and the traumas that permeate in its wake.

On the Ground

A Welcoming

The Dance Current spoke with Wunmi Idowu in anticipation of UNGANISHA – an inaugural Calgary festival brought to life by Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre and Creoternity Theatre. The festival is a dance theatre showcase celebrating the history and influence of African culture and contemporary dance.

Jason Martin in Falling by Martin and Janelle Hacault / Photo by Leif Norman
On the Ground

Precious Pixels

By Grace Wells-Smith

The why and how of photography for dancers

On the Ground

Aiming for Abstraction

By Xdzunúm Trejo

Paul-André Fortier’s latest work Trois closed the autumn season of Agora de la danse (November 22 through 25) and was also performed at the Germain Hotel Montréal’s Fou d’ici supermarket and a cafeteria in Google Montréal. Fortier and performers Mark Medrano and Naishi Wang spoke with The Dance Current about their experience of taking dance hors les murs, outside of the theatre context.

On the Ground

The Physicality of Circus

By Megha Chatterjee

The Dance Current was invited behind the scenes of Cirque du Soleil’s VOLTA, to learn about the physical requirement of the work.

On the Ground

Movement in Time

By Nicole Hamilton

How is Canada representing artists of the African diaspora? Special guest and Turn Out Radio host Nicole Hamilton interviews Vivine Scarlett and Kevin Ormsby about this issue and the performances in Movement in Time, which took place on October 14 at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre Theatre.

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