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Megha's Creamy Lentils with Rice and Salad

A make-your-own-bowl inspired recipe

Dancer's Kitchen

Chan Hon Goh's Banana Bread

This recipe is, according to Goh, one that balances “nutritional value paired with delicious taste.”

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At the Checkout

By Cristina Bucci

Grocery shopping tips for dancers on a budget

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Allison's Celebration Cake

A decadent dessert from the go-to cake maker for the Toronto dance community, Allison Cummings.

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Heather's Salad and Toastie

A potluck favourite from the earth

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Karen's Holiday Goose Pie

An era-specific recipe

Photo courtesy of Ng
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Yvonne's Breakfast

By Yvonne Ng

Purple rice and mango salad

Emma's Brunch Bean Patty
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Emma's Brunch Bean Patty

The Dance Current’s new interim editor, Emma Doran, shares a delicious, lovingly borrowed breakfast recipe

Mediterranean Orzo Salad with Orange Vinaigrette. See the full recipe at Feeling-Foody.com
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Kallee's Dressing Trio

By Kallee Lins

Dressings and sauces help create healthy and delicious meals

Greta Hodgkinson Photo by Karolina Kuras
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Greta's Slow-Cooked Lasagna

During the postpartum period, Greta Hodgkinson, who is celebrating her twentieth year as a principal dancer with The National Ballet of Canada, focuses on getting enough food and nutrition while breastfeeding and returning to training.

Courtesy of Paul Chambers
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Dancing with Goats

Former dancers Craig Sanok and Paul Chambers now run their own goat dairy, Dancing Goats.

Snacks: A banana, chocolate and a cookie
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Snacking in the Wings

Three dancers from Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada share what they eat before stepping onstage

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Stephanie's Bite-Size Veggie Quiches

A speedy snack and savoury hosting treat for potlucks and parties

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Alex's Maple Quinoa

Dancers need meals that are clean, easy to digest and provide enough calories to keep them energized. This maple quinoa, from Alex Tam of Aeriosa Dance Society, an aerial dance company based in Vancouver, is a power meal with the flavour of maple and bitter chocolate. Vegan, highly alkaline and magnesium rich, it can be enjoyed before or after a high intensity workout, even one eighty feet in the air.

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Paul's Grilled Vegetable Focaccia Sandwich

By Paul Pinarello

Perfect picnic fare for Guelph Dance’s In the Park performance at Exhibition Park, Guelph

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Grace's Black Bean and Mango Salad

By Grace Wells-Smith

Dancers need food that is easy to make and even easier to pack for long, active days. This salad provides protein, fresh vitamins and can be quickly thrown together. It makes a great, satisfying salad on the go.

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Sarah’s Pumpkin Chickpea Curry

By Sarah Fregeau

A filling vegetarian dish in a flavourful curry sauce – perfect for warming up and replenishing your body after a winter workout

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Laura’s Banana Nut Chia Pudding

By Laura Matthews

A quick and surprisingly filling breakfast or a simple snack to boost your energy with the superfood chia seeds!

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Shana's Kale and Quinoa Veggie Bowl

By Shana Troy

This dish is delicious, filling and easy to throw together on a fall evening. The quinoa and hummus are high in protein to help tired muscles repair, while the kale’s high vitamin K content is good for healthy bones.