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Yvonne's Breakfast

By Yvonne Ng
  • Photo courtesy of Ng

Rice Mixture:

Purple rice, also called black rice - cook as per instructions, but for a few more minutes so it’s a bit softer.

Ripe bananas – 1 or 2 per cup of rice

Almond milk – 1/2 cup per cup of rice

Vanilla extract – 1 tsp per cup of rice

Honey – to taste, depending on ripeness of bananas

Blend the heck out of two-thirds of the rice and everything else. Then stir in the remaining rice.

Mango Mixture:

Ripe mangoes – 1 to 3, depending on size

Limes – 1 lime for every 2 mangoes

Blend the heck out of all of the above or not!

The total volume of the rice mixture should be around one and a half times the volume of the mango/lime mixture. If you really want to impress someone in the morning, the best way to serve it is layered in a glass mason jar: first the rice, then the full-fat yogurt, followed by the mango/lime mixture. Top with wrinkly passion fruit, toasted almonds and/or toasted coconut.


One night, while needing a diversion, I began flipping TV channels and came across a recipe from Jamie Oliver. This revised version is similar to a dessert I grew up with, and that I love, made with purple rice and called Pulot Hitam (which means black pudding). 

This recipe can take a while to put together but I usually prepare the ingredients ahead of time. For example, the rice/banana mixture and the mango/lime mixture can be frozen in jars. When I want to eat it, I thaw a jar or two in the fridge and in the morning top it off with the passion fruit, yogurt and toasted nuts. So yummy! 

You can buy just about all things Asian, like black rice, from T&T (a Chinese supermarket with locations in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario) or other Asian grocery stores.


Yvonne Ng in her own work In Search of the Holy Chop Suey / Photo by Cylla von Tiedemman

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