What's In Your Dancebag?

Simon "Klassic" Xavier

My laptop
I never know what sort of mood I will be in when I teach, so I like to have all of my music at hand.
A pair of kicks
I like having that extra pair: one to look fresh in, another to get down in.
Another cap or fedora
I am a hat freak, to me each one has its own feel. Also I sweat a lot so I carry one just for chilling.
A shirt and sweat rag (maybe a second pair of pants)
Well, I sweat a lot and I may need to change my shirt during a session or a battle. The sweat rag just keeps the sweat out of my eyes.

Photo courtesy of Simon Xavier

 Simon aka Klassic boog Xavier is a hip hop dancer from Ottawa. As a three-time Under Pressure Popping champion and boogaloo expert, he has performed, taught and organized a wide variety of events in Canada and abroad, including a 2014 tour in China. He is currently the dance coordinator for House of PainT, Ottawa’s urban cultural festival, and hopes to continue performing and sharing his knowledge of dance. 

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