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Feet First

Mother's Day

  • Sandrine Bissonnette Robitaille / Photo by Michael Slobodian

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we present two recent submissions from dancing moms and offspring:

Lili Marin of L’École supérieure de ballet du Québec submitted this photo of Sandrine Bissonnette Robitaille’s feet ­– Sandrine is the daughter of Anik Bissonnette and Louis Robitaille, Ballet de Montréal stars in the eighties.  Anik is currently artistic director of the school where her daughter is a rising star. Not to discount hard work but some feet are just born to dance!  


“I’ve been enjoying the Feet First bits and keep thinking of this photo that my brother Dave took of my foot beside my son Rudi’s when he was one year old. Our feet are so similar that at first glance, the photo looks like a weird forced perspective. I do so love genetics, fascinating how some of our bits come out like a cookie cutter twin of our forebears. “

~ Susan Kendal, former Managing Editor of The Dance Current, independent choreographer, writer, craft- and textile-maker extraordinaire and mother of two.




Rudi and Susan Kendal-Urbach / Photo by David Kendal

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