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What's In Your Dancebag?

Moe Brody, Co-Owner of Harbour Dance Centre

T-shirt and shorts 
Am I biased that I love my Harbour Dance Centre shorts? 

My favourite iPod is from 2007 
The newer iPod/iPhone Touches don’t cue up music as well. The wheel is the best!

Nice to have it in the room when you’re working solo.

I never put my choreography on my iPhone. Not only would it take up too much storage, but there is too much risk of it crashing, losing it when downloading or my phone getting lost/stolen. I trust a memory card more. Also, the quality of shooting is much better. 

Mini screwdriver 
The best for tap shoes!

My hairpin box 
The Sucrets tin box was my hairpin box from my first year of dance when I was four years old. It brings back so many memories of my mother doing my hair or, should I say, painfully yanking my hair back. 

The tiniest elastics I can find 
For short hair, they actually hold!

“Across the floor” notes 
I always have it on the same stationery: long, thin, list-like paper. 

Golf ball 
Great for sore feet.

Little blue circular container 
Painkillers, anti-inflammatories … and (sigh), Imodium just in case I’m really nervous for an audition. 

One kneepad 
“Why only one?” you ask. I can never find two and I always seem to only need one.

An additional sports bra
Sometimes one isn’t enough (especially for tap or hip hop). 

Water cup with a straw 
It’s very accessible to watch and sip compared to tilting a bottle back, obstructing my view of class. 

Black socks (always black), deodorant, Band-Aids, moist face towelettes, to combat post-sweat acne.

Moe Brody is a Vancouver actor, dancer, choreographer and teacher. 

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