What's In Your Dancebag?

Lucy Rupert

Complete with good-luck mouse, a merde gift from Theatre Rusticle’s Artistic Director Allyson McMackon in honour of a mouse-flinging improv during rehearsals

Water bottle, sunscreen and Theraband
All indicative of a wave of trying to take better care of myself. These are simple but effective ways for me to do that.

Raisins Because I’m also a mommy, every bag I own has at least one box of raisins stashed in it

Book Time Reborn by Lee Smolin
I love reading about theoretical physics, astrophysics and cosmology. I always have a book with me.

I call this my old-lady-dancewear. It is probably twenty-five-years old and very ragged, but it warms my lower back like nothing else I’ve found.

I’m remounting Alaap, a solo made for me by Nova Bhattacharya in which I wear these traditional ankle bells to non-traditional effect. They were Nova’s bells originally.

Recycled cement sack from Vietnam given to me for my birthday by my kid and my husband.

You know those H&M socks that you can by in a six-pack? They are the best for dancing on so many different surfaces.

The beautiful case is my sister Sarah’s art. I love carrying her art with me. It’s a reminder that art has a practical purpose in our lives as much as it is exhausting, aspirational, provocative.

What’s missing from the picture is my little writing book. It goes everywhere with me. I was probably holding it while I took this picture. The bag itself is the perfect size: big enough for everything I need, but if I stuff it too full, then clearly I’m packing things I don’t need, or my schedule is so out of control I need to rethink things.


Lucy Rupert / Photo by R. Kelly Clipperton

Lucy Rupert is artistic director of Blue Ceiling dance, which creates, produces and commissions contemporary dance. She has toured repertoire throughout Ontario and to Stuttgart and New York City, and created works for DanceWorks, Dance Ontario, Dusk Dances and the Whole Shebang. As a freelance artist, Rupert has worked with Allison Cummings/Theatre Passe Muraille, William Yong, Sashar Zarif, Anandam Dance, Puppetmongers Theatre, Volcano Theatre and Circus Orange, among others. She has worked with Theatre Rusticle since 2001 and with Fujiwara Dance Inventions for the World Stage presentation of EUNOIA. She has appeared in two BravoFact dance films, and won Dance Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award for her film The Window. Rupert has a joint BA in dance and music from the University of Waterloo, an MA in history from the University of Toronto, is a Chalmers Fellowship recipient and a 2015 K.M. Hunter Award for Dance nominee. She is also becoming an expert on LEGO and Star Wars thanks to her six-year old, Pablo.


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