What's In Your Dancebag?

Kiera Hill

My props
My sponge, Miracle Ball, TheraBand and stick are always close at hand. I am naturally a more fluid dancer, so I have to do a lot of strengthening work to prevent injury. These props increase the intensity of my exercises and help me target specific muscle groups.
My tea tumbler
Always, always, always with me! I am a tea granny. I like black tea in the morning, green tea before the show, herbal or rooibos at night and usually ginger on travel days to help with motion queasiness.
Athletic tape
Performing on hard stages can really do a number on your body. I keep tape on hand to stabilize injuries and also to protect open blisters or toe splits.
Some of the theatres we perform in can be very chilly!
Water bottle
As I hope every dancer has in their dancebag!
Vega recovery powder
I mix this with diluted coconut water after an intense performance. It rehydrates me and helps my muscles recover for the next day.
Listening to music helps me get into my performance zone. I pick songs that pump up my energy and focus my mind before a show.

Kiera Hill of Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal is always on the road. The company performs multiple times per week, often in different cities. The contents of her dancebag reflect the touring lifestyle of this internationally focused company.



Kiera Hill / Photo by Ted McConnell

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