What's In Your Dancebag?

Kathryn Edgett

All my music is on there.

MacBook Pro
More music! Also, all my classes and routines are on there.

Old iPod that crashed
The last 20 playlists still work, so I carry this as a backup in case the others don’t work.

Backup CD
In case all the Mac things crash, there is still music! I’m never without music.

Notes folder
I’m moving all my routines to the laptop, but some are still here. It’s also good for writing down ideas that come to me.

A long time ago I found out I needed to dance with these, always. Since using them, my knees don’t bother me.

Funky socks
I always teach in fun socks. These are leftover from Christmas.

ACE bandage
I carry one of these in case my ankle or knee bothers me.

In case I’m going to another party after class. There’s always another party!

Angel compact
My mother gave it to me. She said you always have to wear lipstick. And I always have an angel with me.

Water bottle
This one was given to me, filled with red wine. Today I have water in it.

Building pass and keys
This is a university and they’re always changing the system, so I carry all the keys in my bag, since I’m not sure which ones work.

Kathryn Edgett is director of the Jazz Dance Centre, established in 1989 in Halifax. Edgett is a Fellow and Life Member of the Stage (Jazz & Tap) divisions of the Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association. Specializing in classical jazz style and technique, her roots are strongly influenced by Luigi of New York and Jill Strauss of Los Angeles. Her musical theatre experience includes teaching for the Henson College Summer Musical Theatre Program at Dalhousie University with Alan Lund and Howard Cable, and choreographing for the Dalhousie Theatre Department. Kathryn has shared her love of dance by performing onstage with the Meet the Navy Show and on camera in many CBC productions such as Ceilidh, The John Allan Cameron Show and A Gala Command Performance. Edgett is also on faculty as a lecturer and dance/movement instructor in the Dalhousie Department of Theatre where she has taught since 1986.



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