What's In Your Dancebag?

Karla Etienne

Leg warmers

I can’t live without them. They keep my ankles comfortable and warm.

Peppermint essential oil

In case of head pain it works very well. I hate medication.


No dry lips please, so annoying …

Pre-workout protein powder

This powder without caffeine is so good for my little tired brain especially when I need to shift directly from office work into dance. It gives me more energy and helps me focus.


Just in case.

Second top for rehearsal after class

My day is long – taking class, teaching class, then a run and maybe rehearsal. I always carry extra workout clothes so I can be fresh to start rehearsal.

Water bottle

A must. We have purified water available at the studio. I can fill my water bottle as much as I need.

Running shoes for jogging

I’m training for a half marathon in September so I try to run at least four times a week.

Notes in my iPhone

For all the special things that I learn in a dance class or notes for rehearsal. No more lost papers or forgotten notebook. 

Karla Etienne has performed West African dance and studied the dance technique developed by Zab Maboungou. In 2000, she joined Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata as a performer (in Mozongi, Lwáza and Montréal by Night). In 2003, Etienne became Maboungou’s administrative assistant. She also coordinates the Programme d’entraînement et de formation artistique et professionnel en danse africaine (PEFAPDA) at the Nyata Nyata school. Etienne is the first graduate of the program and has taught dance there for several years. Etienne is vice-president of the Regroupement Québécois de la Danse (RQD) and a board member and president of the Dance Committee at the Montréal Art Council. She also has a master’s degree in Environmental Science and has worked for several environmental organizations.



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