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Karen's Holiday Goose Pie

  • Photo courtesy of Millyard

Karen’s Holiday Goose Pie is a favorite at her historical dances, which include era-specific recipes.

Prepare a pie crust

Heat oven to medium high

Season a quartered goose or goose pieces with pepper and salt

Lay the goose in the crust

Add savoury spices such as sage or rosemary if desired

Cut half a pound of butter into pieces and put it in different places on the top of the goose

Lay the pastry lid and place the pie in the oven and bake for one and a half hours or until thoroughly cooked


Karen Millyard is a socio-historical researcher with a background in performing arts, history and English literature. A dance teacher since the 1980s, she has been calling English country dances for many years and is known for her clear teaching, concise calling and lively sense of fun. She works with beginner and experienced dancers at historic sites, museums and schools. 

With Dr. Dorothy de Val, Millyard co-organized the conference English Country Dancing: Rooted in the Past, Dancing into the Future in 2010. Her related organization, the York Regency Society, offers lectures and events exploring non-dance aspects of Georgian culture, including food, fashion, social mores and influential figures of the time. Her balls, dance classes, lectures and historical meals take place throughout the year, and she also hosts two full-weekend events annually, A Weekend with Jane Austen, every spring and Master and Commander: A Weekend in Nelson’s Navy, every autumn. 

On December 16th Millyard will host the Jane Austen Birthday Ball at the historic Heliconian Club in Toronto. Her group, the Toronto English Country Dancers, holds public Friday night dances with live music every week.


Millyard (right) with members of the Toronto English Country Dancers / Photo courtesy of Millyard

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