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Jolene Bailie's Fringe Tips

  • Bailie / Photo by Gary Sewell
  • Jillian Groening, Bailie (centre) and Aaron Paul in Marie-Josee Chartier's quartet / Photo by Leif Norman

In the July/August issue of The Dance Current Jolene Bailie let us peek into her dancebag as she packed for the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival

Bailie is the founding artistic director of Gearshifting Performance Works. She has presented multiple shows annually in Winnipeg since 2000, self-presented and produced hundreds of performances and toured her work to national and international critical acclaim. A handful of credits include Today Art Museum (Beijing), Xi’an Art Museum (Xi’an), The Joyce SoHo (New York City), The National Gallery of Canada, International Solo Dance-Theatre Festival (Stuttgart), The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival, dance: made in canada, Dancing on the Edge and Studio 303. Bailie has performed over 140 Fringe Festival performances and has eighteen years of touring experience. She holds a master of fine arts in dance through The American Dance Festival/Hollins University.

In July, Gearshifting Performance Works is presenting Game On, a contemporary dance show featuring six dancers, at the Winnipeg Fringe.


Fringe tips: 
  • Put your name on everything in your dancebag. There are a lot of people sharing the same space.
  • Share your password with other Fringe artists. 
  • Go see lots of other shows.
  • Be your most organized self. 
  • Thank your venue technician every day. 
  • The fringe is a summer festival. Drink lots of water! 
  • Have the ability within yourself to be patient, we well as move like lightning, at all times. 
  • Don’t let the “Fringe stars” impact your feelings of self-worth.
  • Yes, sometimes you may have midnight show followed by a noon show the next day. 
  • Presenting dance at the Fringe is complicated and not the easiest show to sell. Most people come to the Fringe to see theatre. 
  • The Fringe can be amazing, but it can also be brutal. Remember you signed up for the Fringe! No one is making you do it! Enjoy! 


Learn more >> gearshifting.org 

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