What's In Your Dancebag?

Jade Jager Clark

I don’t go anywhere without it.  All my music and routine mixes are on my iPod, so if I have some time to work out an idea, wherever I am, my music is always at my fingertips. I also use it to play music when I teach.

Beats wireless headphones
Best invention ever! Full surround sound and free range of motion while I work out choreography.

Essential. I do all my music editing, e-mails, photo editing, poster/flyer creation, write-ups, reports – basically everything that you need to run a business is done on my laptop.

Surface tablet
My Surface is the newest addition to my dancebag – it’s a great learning tool for dancers! You can film with instant replay without having to plug into another device and the screen is big enough for us all to watch.

Knee braces
I have weak knees from gymnastics in my youth. Dancing every day doesn’t help, so knee braces are vital.

JHHA clothes/JHHA suit
Everywhere I go, I represent our studio with our merchandise and I always carry my JHHA team suit jacket with me, which is a requirement for all dancers whenever we go to a competition or a performance.


Jade Jager Clark is the owner and artistic director of Jade’s Hip Hop Academy (JHHA) in Brampton, Ontario – one of the few all-hip hop and street dance studios for youth in Canada. She is also the founder of Street Dance Canada Inc. and organizer of the Canadian Street Dance Championships. Jade has received numerous awards for her innovative programs and business model, entrepreneurship and accomplishments, including the 2010 Zonta Young Woman of Achievement Award, the 2011 BBPA Harry Jerome Young Entrepreneur Award; the 2012 Brampton Outstanding Business Achievement, Emerging Business Award and, at age twenty-four, the youngest recipient ever of Brampton’s Arts Person of the Year in 2012.



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