What's In Your Dancebag?

Jackie Latendresse

Choreography notebook and pen
Notes about the pieces for the retrospective remount program and for the new anniversary works. These items have been constantly in my dancebag since I began, in 1995. A whole shelf of my bookcase is now dedicated to these books, documenting two decades of my work.
To the Free Flow Dance Centre! It is nice to have our own home base. I purchased an old church six years ago in Caswell Hill, Saskatoon.
We now have much easier access to music than when we used cassettes..
USB stick
Video footage of work, past and present. We are excited that our visual materials from the past twenty years are currently being archived at the Dance Saskatchewan library.
Sparkling water and juice blend
Provides hydration and vitamins.
Slipper socks
Our studio floor gets cold out here!
Gigantic elastic band
For the Rebound Trio piece we are currently working on.
Measuring tape
Our costume designer, Linda Coe-Kirkham, is creating some new outfits for Time Piece, our new work that celebrates our anniversary. The costumes will consist of double-layered hoop skirts that have a layer that lifts up to form an hourglass shape. 
Jackie Latendresse / Photo by Ken Greenhorn Photography

Jackie Latendresse is the proprietor, choreopgrapher, artistic director (as well as instructor and promotions and marketing manager) for Free Flow Dance in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She has been creating dance in Ontario and Saskatchewan for over twenty years. She is an alumnus of the University of Waterloo, in Dance with a minor in Fine Arts. She founded Free Flow Dance Company in 1995, in Kitchener, Ontario, and subsequently moved it Toronto, before its now permanent home in Saskatoon. She has worked as a guest artist with Dance Saskatchewan and was dance co-ordinator and instructor for the EGADZ street youth drop-in centre.

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