Feet First

Happy International Dance Day!

  • Sidiki Conde / Photo by twi-ny.com

Feet first… or wheels or hands or knees or eyes or …. However you move, or choose to move, dance can be part of your life, personally and professionally. You Don’t Need Feet To Dance is a documentary film that follows the remarkable life of Sidiki Conde, an African immigrant who lost the use of his legs to polio as a young man. The film’s director, Alan Govenar, chose to focus on Conde’s professional work as an artist, teacher and street busker as well as his daily life – which includes climbing the stairs to his fifth floor New York apartment. 

In England, DV8 has been making inclusive physical theatre since 1986, while Quebec’s own Corpuscule Danse, led by artistic director France Geoffroy, performs la danse intégrée. 

Celebrate movement, celebrate dance. Visit our new website and celebrate International Dance Day! Watch the IDD 2013 video message here.

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