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Feet First: We've landed!

All NEW! thedancecurrent.com By Megan Andrews

Welcome to our new online home! Watch great videos; find local performance and event listings; read reviews, news, columns and features; search for your favourite artist or genre; and learn more about Canadian dance. We’ve been hard at work building our new website and populating it with great content. We’ve also united our archive of reviews, news, listings, features and videos from the past 10 years - now completely searchable by tag and keyword! Check out our gallery of back issues and view the evolution of the print magazine since launch in 1998. We have digital editions available going back quite a few years now so if you’re interested, just click on the button.

Migrating our content from multiple ancient websites has been quite the effort. Inevitably, there are little inconsistencies here and there and we’re working in the background to repair and tidy. If you see an issue, please let us know. Best way is to send us an email with the url of the problem page and a quick note. As with all things digital, the site is still a work-in-progress in some ways, but we couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you.

Right now, we have over 7000 event listings; 750 articles including reviews, news, columns and features, and over 600 videos. Our editor Kathleen Smith, office manager and production coordinator Brittany Duggan and freelance team will be adding more content regularly. And if you’re interested in having a presence on the site, sales and marketing manager Michael Ripley is your guy. 

A few quick shoutouts: to the team at Razorbraille, Cam, Mike and Matt, who developed the site, answered countless questions and met challenges with creative solutions; to the “data team”, Brittany, Kate Stashko, Cindy Brett, Julye Huggins, Mikaela Demers, Laura Bolender and Naomi Brand, who parsed and tagged 10 years worth of content to make it searchable for you; and most certainly to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for funding to support this project. We also thank our funders the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage Canada Magazine Fund for their ongoing support.

On a personal note, it gives me great pleasure to finally share this site with you. It has been a vision of mine for some time to bring all our online content streams together and create a searchable media platform and resource for professionals, practitioners and the public. To finally have the opportunity to make it a reality is very rewarding. I’m excited about the possibilities this project opens up for The Dance Current to continue its role in mediating dance in Canada.

We’re very excited to bring you all of our great dance content in a shiny new package. Please share, like, comment and join the Canadian dance conversation!

Happy National Dance Week!

Executive Director, Publisher and Founding Editor
PS: Check us out on your mobile devices too!
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