Feet First

Father's Day Foot Love

Dancers are trained to take good care of their feet but we’re not the only ones who benefit from regular foot love. Wearing tight shoes and walking on flat surfaces all day can cause our feet to become sore and neglected. There are over 7,000 nerves in the feet, and many intrinsic muscles (specific to the foot), and extrinsic muscles (continuing up the lower leg). A practice called reflexology stimulates these nerves by massaging specific zones on the feet and hands to relieve stress, treat illness and reduce anxiety. Interestingly, the art of reflexology has historic roots, and has been traced all the way back to Ancient Egyptian times – 2330 B.C. 


Need a gift idea for the father figure in your life? Consider something like Vancouver’s Halfmoon massage balls featured in our January/February issue. Rolling each foot for just two minutes can improve blood flow and, according to Halfmoon Yoga Products’ blog, even lengthen hamstrings.

Whether warming up for class, a day at work or unwinding from it all, a little foot love goes a long way. 



Share your feet facts, photos, videos and more with us @TheDanceCurrent #TDCfeetifirst – we’d love to know what special things you thought to do to celebrate your father figure this weekend and how you treat your feet. 




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