What's In Your Dancebag?

Diana Reyes (aka Fly Lady Di)

A real professional never leaves the house without her headshot and resume!

Latest copy of The Dance Current magazine
For constant inspiration and education.

An apple
The best thing to eat right after rehearsal or class. Keeps energy up and tides appetite over before the next meal.

World map day planner
Keeps me inspired as I make daily plans, reminds me that I’ll be seeing more parts of the world soon.

Change of clothes
I always carry an extra t-shirt around; it’s always good to change out of my sweaty clothes after hours of dance!


Actor, choreographer and dancer Fly Lady Di was born Diana C. Reyes. Recently, she worked as Manifesto’s All-Styles Dance Director, and co-creator of the event Solid Ground. Diana also can be seen in the latest Bedouin Soundclash video, “Brutal Hearts” and choreographed the interactive web-series Prison Dancerreleased March 2012.

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