What's In Your Dancebag?

Davi Rodrigues

  • Davi Rodrigues / Photo courtesy of Rodrigues

The bag

I always wanted a bag like this one, full of special compartments, so I could organize everything inside of it. This bag fits a lot; I use it not only for dancing but for travelling as well.


I love wearing a hoodie in the studio. I really like this black one as it is really warm.

Socks and warm boots

I usually have colourful socks, but today I had black ones. I go through many pairs, and by the end of the week, I run out of colourful ones.

Therapy ball and resistance band

I use the therapy ball to relax the arches of my feet in the morning or sometimes during the day if I feel tension. It is also good on any part of my body that carries muscle tension. I use the resistance band during my pre-warm-up before ballet.

Notebook, yellow booklet and pen

I have one or more notebooks to take notes from the rehearsals with the company. I take a lot of notes. The yellow booklet has been in my bag for the past six months. It contains the information I am using as a resource for my new work for the company, Kauã, inspired by the movement and culture of the Tupi and Guaraní indigenous people of Brazil.


I’m always recording rehearsals and creation processes to study at home or for media purposes, and I prefer my HD Canon camera to a cellphone.

Water bottle, eye drops and lip balm

I am always drinking water, so I make sure to have my favourite water bottle with me at all times! My eyes get dry, and so do my lips, so I have to always to have these two precious things with me.

Ipad and airPods (in the white box)

Without my iPad, I’d have no music. I also use it to show dancers past or other recent work, to let them see how the work looks or to provide clarification on comments and corrections. I also use it for company business. The airPods are very handy as they are headphones without wires.


Davi Rodrigues is the artistic director of Lamondance, a preprofessional training and performance company in Vancouver, established by Lara Barclay and Monica Proença in 2009. Originally from Brazil, Rodrigues shares his own interest in cultural exchanges with the young company members. As a teacher, choreographer and administrator, he fills his dancebag with items for the body and mind. Learn more >> lamondance.com

Lamondance presents We, including Kauã by Rodrigues, June 2nd through 4th at The Dance Centre in Vancouver.


Davi Rodrigues and Cristal Wills in Anjos que came (Falling Angels) by Rodrigues / Photo by Olga Kouts

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